Pulling Strings
Book Three, Chapter One
Real World Statistics
Date August 2, 2014
Attendees Kody
Video Links Part 1
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Party Level 7
Ranathan Statistics
Start Time & Date Patchwall 28, 923 7:55 PM
End Time & Date Ready'reat 1, 923 1:45 PM
Start Location Abandoned Dwarven Mine
End Location Porthaven Palace
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Book Two Chapter Two

The party decides to keep the rust monster eggs around, letting the Suns make the final decision; Dorian and Korvin take 3 of the eggs for themselves. After gathering their strength, they finish exploring the cave and luckily there was no creatures left.  Now with the job done, the party head back to the surface, with Chiela hesitantly tagging along. They all get on their horses and head back to Porthaven, filled with excitement to inform the Suns of their success. They arrive at Porthaven to find that  the city is in an uproar over a murder that Duke Edgar supposedly committed just a couple days before. The party is too exhausted to take any advantage of this right now, so they decide to head to their safe and rest for the night and will see the Sun immediately in the morning.  Once morning comes  they head over to the Suns base to discuss their next move concerning the ongoing rebellion.  Towahan greets the party and asks them what they think they should do to take advantage of the situation. Everyone agrees that they should get rid of the current Duke to save the people.  The party agrees that the people should be able to pick their leader in some way, so they decide to pick two people who they think could rule the city better than the current duke.  After readying themselves they head to the duke's mansion to rid the town of Porthaven of him.  After sneaking into Duke Edgar's home they find him and those guards still loyal to him. They all ready to fight until Solragar yells at them to stand down; luckily they all did.  Duke Edgar answered the party's questions and he continues to assert his innocence. The party does not really seem to care, they know that he has done bad before, so if does not matter he actually committed the murder. They need to get rid of the Duke for the greater good of the city. Duke resides to his fate as the party takes him out to the people rioting in the street, knowing he shall die soon...

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