Pitfall, Look Out Below!
Book Two, Chapter Six
Real World Statistics
Date July 12, 2014
Attendees Kody
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Party Level 6
Ranathan Statistics
Start Time & Date Patchwall 27, 923 10:00 AM
End Time & Date Patchwall 27, 923 10:47 AM
Start Location Goblin Camp
End Location Kobold Camp
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The party takes a quick rest after their grueling fight with the goblins while they can. When they are all ready, they continue exploring the ancient mine. They soon encounter a vicious bear and quickly dispatch it. Ammanas feels like taking the lead, and in doing so uncharacteristically decides to jump over a pitfall with unbridled confidence . Of course he does not make it, and of course he falls to his death. The party, in shock, begins to wonder why Ammanas would do something so irrational. They soon come to the conclusion that they will never know what was going through his mind before he fell to his death. The party decides they will give him a proper burial and retrieve his body. With Ammanas' body, they now try to find the exit to bury their friend. They begin to backtrack, but soon find themselves inside of a giant room that looks unfamiliar. As they are turning around to exit the room, a giant purple worm comes out of the ground and the party must ready for battle. Soon, they are the victor and continue looking for the mines exit. They soon come to a dead end and are about to turn back when Solragar shows just how strong he is by moving the rocks in the way, clearing the path. Soon they encounter a small group of Kobolds who say, "We've been ordered to bring you to our leader." The group discusses what to do and decide to carefully follow the Kobolds to their camp. Once they arrive, the Kobold who appears to be the leader steps up and speaks to the group and thanks them for dispatching the goblins they had fought for so long. The party give the kobolds two choices: either join the Resistance and help mine this cave, or leave the mine with their lives. The leader goes to talk to his people, but it soon becomes clear that the Kobolds will not pick either option. The Kobolds soon turn to the party and take an aggressive stance and the group follow suit. After a tough battle, the party emerges victorious. They grab the second stone key from the body of the Kobold leader and began to wonder... What sort of treasure lies deep within this mine? 

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